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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Sailing. All abbreviations on this page are ACSC means Alameda Community Sailing Center, AESR means Agonas Eleftheria Sailing Race, AISC means Atlanta Inland Sailing Club, ASA means American Sailing Association, ASSAIL means assailing, BABA means Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association, BAYS means Bay Area Youth Sailing, BBSA means Broad Bay Sailing Association, BDSY means Below Deck Sailing Yacht, BHSC means Boston Harbor Sailing Club, BIASA means Boating Industry Association of South Australia, BISC means Barcelona International Sailing Center, BISF means Big Island Sailing Foundation, BLSA means Brookville Lake Sailing Association, BLSC means Belwood Lake Sailing Club, BSBMA means Blackwater Sailing Barge Match Association, BSSC means Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club, BWA means British Wavesailing Association, BWSS means Blue Water Sailing School, CCC means Cleveland Closed Cup,

ACSCAlameda Community Sailing Center. ACSC
AESRAgonas Eleftheria Sailing Race. AESR
AISCAtlanta Inland Sailing Club. AISC
ASAAmerican Sailing Association. ASA
BABABaltimore Area Boardsailing Association. BABA
BAYSBay Area Youth Sailing. BAYS
BBSABroad Bay Sailing Association. BBSA
BDSYBelow Deck Sailing Yacht. BDSY
BHSCBoston Harbor Sailing Club. BHSC
BIASABoating Industry Association of South Australia. BIASA
BISCBarcelona International Sailing Center. BISC
BISFBig Island Sailing Foundation. BISF
BLSABrookville Lake Sailing Association. BLSA
BLSCBelwood Lake Sailing Club. BLSC
BSBMABlackwater Sailing Barge Match Association. BSBMA
BSSCBrancaster Staithe Sailing Club. BSSC
BWABritish Wavesailing Association. BWA
BWSSBlue Water Sailing School. BWSS
CCCCleveland Closed Cup. CCC


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