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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Scottish. All abbreviations on this page are AASR means Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, ADIOS means Approved Driving Instructors Of Scotland, ADSG means AHP Directors Scotland Group, AMIDS means Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland, ASRG means Anglo Scottish Repeater Group, ASRN means Alzheimer Scotland Reminiscence Networks, ATICS means Audit of Transfusion in Intensive Care in Scotland, BOSC means Benevolent Order Of Scottish Clans, BOSG means Bibliography Of Scottish Gaelic, BOSG means Bibiliography Of Scottish Gaelic, BSCD means Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers, BSDG means Bikeability Scotland Delivery Group, BWES means Building with Earth in Scotland, CARS means Control of Antimicrobial Resistance Scotland, CHSS means Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, COBIS means CARE of BURNS in SCOTLAND, COSCA means Confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies, CSGN means Central Scotland Green Network, CSOR means Central Scotland Off Roaders, CSSP means Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy,

AASRAncient and Accepted Scottish Rite. AASR
ADIOSApproved Driving Instructors Of Scotland. ADIOS
ADSGAHP Directors Scotland Group. ADSG
AMIDSAdvanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland. AMIDS
ASRGAnglo Scottish Repeater Group. ASRG
ASRNAlzheimer Scotland Reminiscence Networks. ASRN
ATICSAudit of Transfusion in Intensive Care in Scotland. ATICS
BOSCBenevolent Order Of Scottish Clans. BOSC
BOSGBibliography Of Scottish Gaelic. BOSG
BOSGBibiliography Of Scottish Gaelic. BOSG
BSCDBellingham Scottish Country Dancers. BSCD
BSDGBikeability Scotland Delivery Group. BSDG
BWESBuilding with Earth in Scotland. BWES
CARSControl of Antimicrobial Resistance Scotland. CARS
CHSSChest Heart Stroke Scotland. CHSS
COSCAConfederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies. COSCA
CSGNCentral Scotland Green Network. CSGN
CSORCentral Scotland Off Roaders. CSOR
CSSPCenter for the Study of Scottish Philosophy. CSSP


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