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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cyber & Security. All abbreviations on this page are 2FA means Two Factor Authentication, 2FV means Two Factor Verification, 2S2D means Double-Sided Double-Density, 2VPCP means Two-Version Priority Ceiling Protocol, 3DES means Triple Data Encryption Standard, 3DESE means Triple Data Encryption Standard Encryption, 3DESEP means Triple Data Encryption Standard Encryption Protocol, AA means Auto Answer, AA means Awaiting Activation, AAA means Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability, AAAA means Authentication, Authorization, Auditing, and Accounting, AAAE means Advanced Alternative Absolute Encryption, AAI means Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure, AAIP means Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Project, AAL means Access Activity Log, AAPR means Advanced ARJ (Archived by Robert Jung) Password Recovery, AB means Apache Benchmark, ABP means AdBlock Plus, ABS means Active Battery Security, ABS means Anti Blockier System,

2FATwo Factor Authentication. 2FA
2FVTwo Factor Verification. 2FV
2S2DDouble-Sided Double-Density. 2S2D
2VPCPTwo-Version Priority Ceiling Protocol. 2VPCP
3DESTriple Data Encryption Standard. 3DES
3DESETriple Data Encryption Standard Encryption. 3DESE
3DESEPTriple Data Encryption Standard Encryption Protocol. 3DESEP
AAAuto Answer. AA
AAAwaiting Activation. AA
AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and Accountability. AAA
AAAAAuthentication, Authorization, Auditing, and Accounting. AAAA
AAAEAdvanced Alternative Absolute Encryption. AAAE
AAIAuthentication and Authorization Infrastructure. AAI
AAIPAuthentication and Authorization Infrastructure Project. AAIP
AALAccess Activity Log. AAL
AAPRAdvanced ARJ (Archived by Robert Jung) Password Recovery. AAPR
ABApache Benchmark. AB
ABPAdBlock Plus. ABP
ABSActive Battery Security. ABS
ABSAnti Blockier System. ABS


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