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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Cyber & Security. All abbreviations on this page are AC means Access Control, ACCE means Advanced Configurable Crypto Environment, ACDC means Advanced Cyber Defence Centre, ACE means Advanced Combination Encoder, ACE means Assured Computing Environment, ACE means Access Control Entry, ACES means Army Communication Encryption System, ACF means Access Control File, ACFA means Access-Control Framework Access, ACFT means Advanced Computer Forensic Techniques, ACFTT means Advanced Computer Forensic Techniques Training, ACI means Army Cyber Institute, ACID means Anti-Copying In Design, ACID means Analysis Console for Incident Databases, ACIT means Advanced Countermeasures for Insider Threats, ACL means Access Control List, ACMP means Access Control Management Program, ACMS means Automated Configuration Management System, ACP means Administrator's Control Panel, ACP means Admin Control Panel,

ACAccess Control. AC
ACCEAdvanced Configurable Crypto Environment. ACCE
ACDCAdvanced Cyber Defence Centre. ACDC
ACEAdvanced Combination Encoder. ACE
ACEAssured Computing Environment. ACE
ACEAccess Control Entry. ACE
ACESArmy Communication Encryption System. ACES
ACFAccess Control File. ACF
ACFAAccess-Control Framework Access. ACFA
ACFTAdvanced Computer Forensic Techniques. ACFT
ACFTTAdvanced Computer Forensic Techniques Training. ACFTT
ACIArmy Cyber Institute. ACI
ACIDAnti-Copying In Design. ACID
ACIDAnalysis Console for Incident Databases. ACID
ACITAdvanced Countermeasures for Insider Threats. ACIT
ACLAccess Control List. ACL
ACMPAccess Control Management Program. ACMP
ACMSAutomated Configuration Management System. ACMS
ACPAdministrator's Control Panel. ACP
ACPAdmin Control Panel. ACP


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