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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Shipping & Sailing. All abbreviations on this page are 2BS means 2 British Submarines, 2DD means 2 Day Delivery, 452 means Sunken Russian Submarine, in Nordzee:, 4SS means Four Shield Solutions, 5523 means Mississippi Gravel Barge, AALC means Amphibious Assault Landing Craft, AB means Crane Ship (Auxiliary, Boom), AB means Airboat, ABEB means Advanced Bridge Erection Boat, ABRS means Auto and Boat Relocation Services, ABSD means Advanced Base Sectional Dock, ABSE means Association Of Boat Safety Examiners, AC means Collier (Auxiliary, Coal), AC means aircraft carrier, AC means America's Cup, ACC means aircraft carrier, ACL means Allowable Cargo Load, ACPB means Armidale Class Patrol Boat, ACR means Armored Cruiser, ACS means Auxiliary Crane Ship,

2BS2 British Submarines. 2BS
2DD2 Day Delivery. 2DD
452Sunken Russian Submarine, in Nordzee:. 452
4SSFour Shield Solutions. 4SS
5523Mississippi Gravel Barge. 5523
AALCAmphibious Assault Landing Craft. AALC
ABCrane Ship (Auxiliary, Boom). AB
ABAirboat. AB
ABEBAdvanced Bridge Erection Boat. ABEB
ABRSAuto and Boat Relocation Services. ABRS
ABSDAdvanced Base Sectional Dock. ABSD
ABSEAssociation Of Boat Safety Examiners. ABSE
ACCollier (Auxiliary, Coal). AC
ACaircraft carrier. AC
ACAmerica's Cup. AC
ACCaircraft carrier. ACC
ACLAllowable Cargo Load. ACL
ACPBArmidale Class Patrol Boat. ACPB
ACRArmored Cruiser. ACR
ACSAuxiliary Crane Ship. ACS


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