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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Shooting. All abbreviations on this page are AAPSF means American Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation, AIM means Airgun Information Maintenance, AIPSC means Airsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation, AR means Archery Research, ARPC means Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, ASI means Action Shooting International, ASS means Accuracy, Speed, and Style, ASSC means American Shooting Sports Council, ATA means Amateur Trapshooting Association, ATC means Archery Training Class, BASF means Ben Avery Shooting Facility, BPCRS means Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette, BPSA means Belgian Parcours Shooting Association, CAHSS means Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports, CCRA means Champaign County Rifle Association, CCSC means Clark County Shooting Complex, CKC means Cold Killer Club, CRCA means Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association, CRSO means Chief Range Safety Officer, CSSA means Colorado State Shooting Association,

AAPSFAmerican Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation. AAPSF
AIMAirgun Information Maintenance. AIM
AIPSCAirsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation. AIPSC
ARArchery Research. AR
ARPCAlbany Rifle and Pistol Club. ARPC
ASIAction Shooting International. ASI
ASSAccuracy, Speed, and Style. ASS
ASSCAmerican Shooting Sports Council. ASSC
ATAAmateur Trapshooting Association. ATA
ATCArchery Training Class. ATC
BASFBen Avery Shooting Facility. BASF
BPCRSBlack Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette. BPCRS
BPSABelgian Parcours Shooting Association. BPSA
CAHSSCouncil to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports. CAHSS
CCRAChampaign County Rifle Association. CCRA
CCSCClark County Shooting Complex. CCSC
CKCCold Killer Club. CKC
CRCACollegiate Rifle Coaches Association. CRCA
CRSOChief Range Safety Officer. CRSO
CSSAColorado State Shooting Association. CSSA


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