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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Skating. All abbreviations on this page are AAFSA means Anaheim Amateur Figure Skating Association, AFSF means Alberta Figure Skating Foundation, AMIS means Arrest Me I Skate, ASA means Aggressive Skater Association, ASA means Aggressive Skaters Association, ASAI means Amateur Skating Association of Illinois, ASEC means American Skating Entertainment Centers, ASS means Aspen Skateboarding Society, BFSC means Birmingham Figure Skating Club, BGSC means Bowling Green Skating Club, BHSA means Burlington Hockey and Skating Association, BIM means Blade Inspection Method, BISA means Brookings Ice Skating Association, BYR means BackYard Rinks, CCFSC means Creve Coeur Figure Skating Club (Creve Coeur, MO), CCSC means Chester County Skating Club, CCSC means Central Carolina Skating Club, CFS means Crazy Figure Skaters, CORA means California Outdoor Rollerskating Association, CSOS means Cypress School of Skating,

AAFSAAnaheim Amateur Figure Skating Association. AAFSA
AFSFAlberta Figure Skating Foundation. AFSF
AMISArrest Me I Skate. AMIS
ASAAggressive Skater Association. ASA
ASAAggressive Skaters Association. ASA
ASAIAmateur Skating Association of Illinois. ASAI
ASECAmerican Skating Entertainment Centers. ASEC
ASSAspen Skateboarding Society. ASS
BFSCBirmingham Figure Skating Club. BFSC
BGSCBowling Green Skating Club. BGSC
BHSABurlington Hockey and Skating Association. BHSA
BIMBlade Inspection Method. BIM
BISABrookings Ice Skating Association. BISA
BYRBackYard Rinks. BYR
CCFSCCreve Coeur Figure Skating Club (Creve Coeur, MO). CCFSC
CCSCChester County Skating Club. CCSC
CCSCCentral Carolina Skating Club. CCSC
CFSCrazy Figure Skaters. CFS
CORACalifornia Outdoor Rollerskating Association. CORA
CSOSCypress School of Skating. CSOS


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