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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Soccer. All abbreviations on this page are A means Assist, AARSC means Ajax Adult Recreational Soccer Club, AASA means Ann Arbor Soccer Association, AASL means American Amateur Soccer League, AAW means Awarded Away Win, ABSL means Arlington Bolivian Soccer League, ABSP means Archdiocese of Baltimore Soccer Program, ACSA means Austin Coed Soccer Association, ACSC means Asheville City Soccer Club, ACSC means Alabaster Competitive Soccer Club, AEK means Athlitiki Enosis Konstantinoupolis (Greek Soccer), AFCON means Africa Cup Of Nations, AFSC means Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club, AGNY means Average Games Next Year, AISL means Adult Indoor Soccer league, AISL means American Indoor Soccer League, AJSMS means Association des joueurs de soccer mineur de Sherbrooke, AMSA means Austin Mens' Soccer Association, AMSA means Austin Men's Soccer Association, AMSL means Aurora Minor Soccer League,

AAssist. A
AARSCAjax Adult Recreational Soccer Club. AARSC
AASAAnn Arbor Soccer Association. AASA
AASLAmerican Amateur Soccer League. AASL
AAWAwarded Away Win. AAW
ABSLArlington Bolivian Soccer League. ABSL
ABSPArchdiocese of Baltimore Soccer Program. ABSP
ACSAAustin Coed Soccer Association. ACSA
ACSCAsheville City Soccer Club. ACSC
ACSCAlabaster Competitive Soccer Club. ACSC
AEKAthlitiki Enosis Konstantinoupolis (Greek Soccer). AEK
AFCONAfrica Cup Of Nations. AFCON
AFSCAhwatukee Foothills Soccer Club. AFSC
AGNYAverage Games Next Year. AGNY
AISLAdult Indoor Soccer league. AISL
AISLAmerican Indoor Soccer League. AISL
AJSMSAssociation des joueurs de soccer mineur de Sherbrooke. AJSMS
AMSAAustin Mens' Soccer Association. AMSA
AMSAAustin Men's Soccer Association. AMSA
AMSLAurora Minor Soccer League. AMSL


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