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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Sociology. All abbreviations on this page are AACS means Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, AACTS means Australian Alcohol Challenge Twin Study, AASR means Anthropology And Sociology of Religion, AAT means Aquatic Ape Theory, AERS means Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, AEST means Abused, Empowered, Survive, Thrive, AGBM means Ad hoc Group on Berlin Mandate, AJS means American Journal of Sociology, ALNK means Associative Link, AncSoc means Ancient Society, ARSR means Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, ASA means American Sociological Association, ASAM means Asian American, ASBO means Anti-Social Behavior Order, ASR means Association for the Sociology of Religion, ASSA means Association for Sociology in South Africa, BAE means Bureau of American Ethnology, BJS means British Journal of Sociology, BLPES means British Library of Politics, Economics and Sociology (London School of Economics; England; UK), BMP means Behavior Management Plan,

AACSAssociation for Applied and Clinical Sociology. AACS
AACTSAustralian Alcohol Challenge Twin Study. AACTS
AASRAnthropology And Sociology of Religion. AASR
AATAquatic Ape Theory. AAT
AERSAgricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. AERS
AESTAbused, Empowered, Survive, Thrive. AEST
AGBMAd hoc Group on Berlin Mandate. AGBM
AJSAmerican Journal of Sociology. AJS
ALNKAssociative Link. ALNK
AncSocAncient Society. AncSoc
ARSRAnnual Review of the Sociology of Religion. ARSR
ASAAmerican Sociological Association. ASA
ASAMAsian American. ASAM
ASBOAnti-Social Behavior Order. ASBO
ASRAssociation for the Sociology of Religion. ASR
ASSAAssociation for Sociology in South Africa. ASSA
BAEBureau of American Ethnology. BAE
BJSBritish Journal of Sociology. BJS
BLPESBritish Library of Politics, Economics and Sociology (London School of Economics; England; UK). BLPES
BMPBehavior Management Plan. BMP


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