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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Softball. All abbreviations on this page are 1B means First base, 1B means Single(s), 2B means Second base, 2B means Double(s), 3B means Triple, 3B means Third base, A means Assists, AAGS means Aurora Area Girls Softball, AASA means Alberta Amateur Softball Association, AB means At Bat, AFA means American Fastpitch Association, AGSA means Alameda Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Amsterdam Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Arcadia Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Ashwaubenon Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Arlington Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Alvin Girls Softball Association, AGSA means Ames Girls Softball Association, ASA means Amateur Softball Association, ASA means All Softball Associations,

1BFirst base. 1B
1BSingle(s). 1B
2BSecond base. 2B
2BDouble(s). 2B
3BTriple. 3B
3BThird base. 3B
AAssists. A
AAGSAurora Area Girls Softball. AAGS
AASAAlberta Amateur Softball Association. AASA
ABAt Bat. AB
AFAAmerican Fastpitch Association. AFA
AGSAAlameda Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAAmsterdam Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAArcadia Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAAshwaubenon Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAArlington Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAAlvin Girls Softball Association. AGSA
AGSAAmes Girls Softball Association. AGSA
ASAAmateur Softball Association. ASA
ASAAll Softball Associations. ASA


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