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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Statistics. All abbreviations on this page are AASDA means African Association of Statistical Data Archivists, ABMS means American Bureau of Metal Statistics, ACF means Auto-Correlation Function, ACMS means Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, ADF means Augmented Dickey-Fuller, AHP means Analytic hierarchy process, AIC means Akaike Information Criterion, AISC means Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics, AJAMS means Asian Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, AJAMS means American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, ANUS means Annual Net Usage Statistics, ANVSA means Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, ANVSA means Alaskan Native Village Statistical Area, AOAS means Annals of Applied Statistics, AOMS means Annals of Mathematical Statistics, AOS means Annals of Statistics, APTS means Academy for PhD Training in Statistics, ARIES means Accumulatively Receptive Institutional Experimentive System, ARTIST means Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking, ASB means Annual Statistical Bulletin,

AASDAAfrican Association of Statistical Data Archivists. AASDA
ABMSAmerican Bureau of Metal Statistics. ABMS
ACFAuto-Correlation Function. ACF
ACMSApplied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. ACMS
ADFAugmented Dickey-Fuller. ADF
AHPAnalytic hierarchy process. AHP
AICAkaike Information Criterion. AIC
AISCAdvances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics. AISC
AJAMSAsian Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. AJAMS
AJAMSAmerican Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. AJAMS
ANUSAnnual Net Usage Statistics. ANUS
ANVSAAlaska Native Village Statistical Area. ANVSA
ANVSAAlaskan Native Village Statistical Area. ANVSA
AOASAnnals of Applied Statistics. AOAS
AOMSAnnals of Mathematical Statistics. AOMS
AOSAnnals of Statistics. AOS
APTSAcademy for PhD Training in Statistics. APTS
ARIESAccumulatively Receptive Institutional Experimentive System. ARIES
ARTISTAssessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking. ARTIST
ASBAnnual Statistical Bulletin. ASB


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