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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Statistics. All abbreviations on this page are UIS means UNESCO Institute for Statistics, UMVUE means Uniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator, UNSD means United Nations Statistics Division, URL means Upper Reference Limit, USGS means United States Geological Statistics, USL means Upper Statistical Limit, VAR means Variance And R, VOSM means Vision Open Statistical Model, VSRR means Vital Statistics Rapid Release, VSUS means Vital Statistics of the United States, WBMS means World Bureau of Metal Statistics, WENUS means Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics, WFSM means Weighted Factor Scoring Model, WGGES means Working Groups on General Economic Statistics, WGS means Working Group on Statistics, WISE means Web Interface for Statistics Education, WISH means Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health, WOSF means Weighted Order Statistic Filter, WOSF means Weighted Order Statistic Filters, WPSM means Weighted Prototype Similarity Model,

UISUNESCO Institute for Statistics. UIS
UMVUEUniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator. UMVUE
UNSDUnited Nations Statistics Division. UNSD
URLUpper Reference Limit. URL
USGSUnited States Geological Statistics. USGS
USLUpper Statistical Limit. USL
VARVariance And R. VAR
VOSMVision Open Statistical Model. VOSM
VSRRVital Statistics Rapid Release. VSRR
VSUSVital Statistics of the United States. VSUS
WBMSWorld Bureau of Metal Statistics. WBMS
WENUSWeekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics. WENUS
WFSMWeighted Factor Scoring Model. WFSM
WGGESWorking Groups on General Economic Statistics. WGGES
WGSWorking Group on Statistics. WGS
WISEWeb Interface for Statistics Education. WISE
WISHWisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health. WISH
WOSFWeighted Order Statistic Filter. WOSF
WOSFWeighted Order Statistic Filters. WOSF
WPSMWeighted Prototype Similarity Model. WPSM


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