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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Support Groups. All abbreviations on this page are ACROD means Australian Council for Rehabilitation Of Disabled, BAT means British American Tobacco, BYS means By Your Side, CMS means Complaint Management System, DFSG means Duchenne Family Support Group, ePSA means Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment, ePSA means Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment, F.A.S.T. means Firefighters Assisting Senior Townspeople, FSG means Force Support Group, GHSG means Galway Housing Support Group, HSG means Hampshire Support Group, ICS means Icetratt Community Services, IFTC means Inn From The Cold, ISG means International Support Group, ISM means Icetratt Sports Management, LASG means Latex Allergy Support Group, LAWC means London Abused Women's Centre, LFSG means Logistics Functional Support Group, MOSG means Mercy Orphans Support Group, MOSG means Medical Operational Support Group,

ACRODAustralian Council for Rehabilitation Of Disabled. ACROD
BATBritish American Tobacco. BAT
BYSBy Your Side. BYS
CMSComplaint Management System. CMS
DFSGDuchenne Family Support Group. DFSG
ePSAEnhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment. ePSA
ePSADell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment. ePSA
F.A.S.T.Firefighters Assisting Senior Townspeople. F.A.S.T.
FSGForce Support Group. FSG
GHSGGalway Housing Support Group. GHSG
HSGHampshire Support Group. HSG
ICSIcetratt Community Services. ICS
IFTCInn From The Cold. IFTC
ISGInternational Support Group. ISG
ISMIcetratt Sports Management. ISM
LASGLatex Allergy Support Group. LASG
LAWCLondon Abused Women's Centre. LAWC
LFSGLogistics Functional Support Group. LFSG
MOSGMercy Orphans Support Group. MOSG
MOSGMedical Operational Support Group. MOSG


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