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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Swimming. All abbreviations on this page are ABEST means Athletic Bicycle Equipment Swimming and Triathlon, ABSF means Antigua Barbuda Swimming Federation, ACS means All Can Swim, ACST means Avon Community Swim Team, ADMS means Adirondack District Masters Swimming, AED means Automated External Defribilator, AFFS means Armed Forces Free Swimming, AOSC means Arundel Olympic Swim Center, AOWS means Albania Open Water Swimming, ARSC means Arcadia Riptides Swimming Club (California, US), ASA means Amateur Swimming Association, ASATT means Amateur Swimming Association of Trinidad and Tobago, ASCA means American Swimming Coaches Association, ASMB means Adult Swim Message Boards, ASSA means Alberta Summer Swimming Association, ATST means Amherst Tritons Swim Team, BAC means Beaches Aquatic Club, BASIC means Badminton And Swimming Including Cycling, BCSA means Berks County Swim Association, BCSA means Berks County Swimming Association,

ABESTAthletic Bicycle Equipment Swimming and Triathlon. ABEST
ABSFAntigua Barbuda Swimming Federation. ABSF
ACSAll Can Swim. ACS
ACSTAvon Community Swim Team. ACST
ADMSAdirondack District Masters Swimming. ADMS
AEDAutomated External Defribilator. AED
AFFSArmed Forces Free Swimming. AFFS
AOSCArundel Olympic Swim Center. AOSC
AOWSAlbania Open Water Swimming. AOWS
ARSCArcadia Riptides Swimming Club (California, US). ARSC
ASAAmateur Swimming Association. ASA
ASATTAmateur Swimming Association of Trinidad and Tobago. ASATT
ASCAAmerican Swimming Coaches Association. ASCA
ASMBAdult Swim Message Boards. ASMB
ASSAAlberta Summer Swimming Association. ASSA
ATSTAmherst Tritons Swim Team. ATST
BACBeaches Aquatic Club. BAC
BASICBadminton And Swimming Including Cycling. BASIC
BCSABerks County Swim Association. BCSA
BCSABerks County Swimming Association. BCSA


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