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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Synagogues. All abbreviations on this page are 770 means 770 Eastern Parkway The Chabad-Lubavitch movement headquarters, AA means Ahavat Achim, AJC means American Jewish Congress, AKSE means Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth (synagogue; Wilmington, DE), AMOS means Amsterdam Modern Orthodox Synagogue, ASJCC means Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre, BHBE means Beth Hillel Beth El, BHBI means Beth Hamedresh Beth Israel, BHNY means Beis Hamedrash Nishmas Yisroel, BI means Beth Israel, BJ means B'nai Jeshurun, BO means Best Out, BRJC means Blackpool Reform Jewish Congregation, BRS means Boca Raton Synagogue, BT means Beth Torah, BTEE means Burbank Temple Emanu El, BYOY means Bring Your Own Yarmulke ;-), CMY means Congregation Melech Yisrael, CNSS means Cockfosters and N Southgate Synagogue, CNT means Congregation Ner Tamid,

770770 Eastern Parkway The Chabad-Lubavitch movement headquarters. 770
AAAhavat Achim. AA
AJCAmerican Jewish Congress. AJC
AKSEAdas Kodesch Shel Emeth (synagogue; Wilmington, DE). AKSE
AMOSAmsterdam Modern Orthodox Synagogue. AMOS
ASJCCAberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre. ASJCC
BHBEBeth Hillel Beth El. BHBE
BHBIBeth Hamedresh Beth Israel. BHBI
BHNYBeis Hamedrash Nishmas Yisroel. BHNY
BIBeth Israel. BI
BJB'nai Jeshurun. BJ
BOBest Out. BO
BRJCBlackpool Reform Jewish Congregation. BRJC
BRSBoca Raton Synagogue. BRS
BTBeth Torah. BT
BTEEBurbank Temple Emanu El. BTEE
BYOYBring Your Own Yarmulke ;-). BYOY
CMYCongregation Melech Yisrael. CMY
CNSSCockfosters and N Southgate Synagogue. CNSS
CNTCongregation Ner Tamid. CNT


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