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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Tax. All abbreviations on this page are AAATP means American Academy of Accounting Tax Professionals, AATP means American Academy Of Tax Practice, ABST means Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax, ABST means Antigua Barbuda Sales Tax, ACIT means Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, ACIT means Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, ACTC means American College of Tax Counsel, ACTF means American - China Trade Friction, ACTL means Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law, AFTC means Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, AIT means All Included Taxes, AITD means Angel Investors Tax Deduction, AITN means ASEAN Investment Tax News, ALE means Applicable Large Employer, AMT means Alternate Minimum Tax, AOA means Authorised OECD Approach, AOP means Association of Person, AOTC means American Opportunity Tax Credit, APGST means Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax, APS means Automatic Payroll Systems,

AAATPAmerican Academy of Accounting Tax Professionals. AAATP
AATPAmerican Academy Of Tax Practice. AATP
ABSTAntigua and Barbuda Sales Tax. ABST
ABSTAntigua Barbuda Sales Tax. ABST
ACITAssistant Commissioner of Income Tax. ACIT
ACITAdditional Commissioner of Income Tax. ACIT
ACTCAmerican College of Tax Counsel. ACTC
ACTFAmerican - China Trade Friction. ACTF
ACTLAmsterdam Centre for Tax Law. ACTL
AFTCAlternative Fuel Tax Credit. AFTC
AITAll Included Taxes. AIT
AITDAngel Investors Tax Deduction. AITD
AITNASEAN Investment Tax News. AITN
ALEApplicable Large Employer. ALE
AMTAlternate Minimum Tax. AMT
AOAAuthorised OECD Approach. AOA
AOPAssociation of Person. AOP
AOTCAmerican Opportunity Tax Credit. AOTC
APGSTAndhra Pradesh General Sales Tax. APGST
APSAutomatic Payroll Systems. APS


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