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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Tennis. All abbreviations on this page are AATA means Amarillo Area Tennis Association, AATS means Annapolis Area Tennis School, ABTL means Ace Bandage Tennis League, ACTT means Avila Charity Tennis Tournament, AFTS means Association Française de Tennis des Seniors, AILTA means All India Lawn Tennis Association, AITA means All India Tennis Association, AJTF means Alamance Junior Tennis Foundation, ALTA means Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association, ALTB means Aruba Lawn Tennis Bond, ALTB means Arnhemsche Lawn Tennis Bond, AMTA means Anderson Mill Tennis Association, APTA means American Platform Tennis Association, APTTA means Andhra Pradesh Table Tennis Association, ATA means American Tennis Association, ATA means Arizona Tennis Association, ATF means Asian Tennis Federation, ATP means Anonymous Tennis Players, ATP means Association of Tennis Professionals, ATP means American Tennis Promotion,

AATAAmarillo Area Tennis Association. AATA
AATSAnnapolis Area Tennis School. AATS
ABTLAce Bandage Tennis League. ABTL
ACTTAvila Charity Tennis Tournament. ACTT
AFTSAssociation Française de Tennis des Seniors. AFTS
AILTAAll India Lawn Tennis Association. AILTA
AITAAll India Tennis Association. AITA
AJTFAlamance Junior Tennis Foundation. AJTF
ALTAAtlanta Lawn Tennis Association. ALTA
ALTBAruba Lawn Tennis Bond. ALTB
ALTBArnhemsche Lawn Tennis Bond. ALTB
AMTAAnderson Mill Tennis Association. AMTA
APTAAmerican Platform Tennis Association. APTA
APTTAAndhra Pradesh Table Tennis Association. APTTA
ATAAmerican Tennis Association. ATA
ATAArizona Tennis Association. ATA
ATFAsian Tennis Federation. ATF
ATPAnonymous Tennis Players. ATP
ATPAssociation of Tennis Professionals. ATP
ATPAmerican Tennis Promotion. ATP


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