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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Theater. All abbreviations on this page are AACT means Auburn Area Community Theatre, AANT means American Associates of the National Theatre, ABET means Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre, ABT means American Ballet Theatre's, ACAT means Aqua City Actors Theatre, ACCT means Aldersgate Church Community Theater, ACT means A Contemporary Theatre, ACTT means Active and Creative Teen Theatre, ADTR means Aboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern, AITG means Applied and Interactive Theatre Guide, ALTI means Art Live Theatre International, ANTT means Aboriginal National Theatre Trust, APTC means Actors Professional Theatre Conservatory, APTG means Amersham Playgoers Theatre Group, ART means American Repertory Theater, ATFR means Amateur Theater Festival Rotterdam, ATJ means Asian Theatre Journal, ATW means American Theatre Wing, AUTP means Advanced Undergraduate Theatre Program, AYDT means American Youth Dance Theater,

AACTAuburn Area Community Theatre. AACT
AANTAmerican Associates of the National Theatre. AANT
ABETAtlantic Beach Experimental Theatre. ABET
ABTAmerican Ballet Theatre's. ABT
ACATAqua City Actors Theatre. ACAT
ACCTAldersgate Church Community Theater. ACCT
ACTA Contemporary Theatre. ACT
ACTTActive and Creative Teen Theatre. ACTT
ADTRAboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern. ADTR
AITGApplied and Interactive Theatre Guide. AITG
ALTIArt Live Theatre International. ALTI
ANTTAboriginal National Theatre Trust. ANTT
APTCActors Professional Theatre Conservatory. APTC
APTGAmersham Playgoers Theatre Group. APTG
ARTAmerican Repertory Theater. ART
ATFRAmateur Theater Festival Rotterdam. ATFR
ATJAsian Theatre Journal. ATJ
ATWAmerican Theatre Wing. ATW
AUTPAdvanced Undergraduate Theatre Program. AUTP
AYDTAmerican Youth Dance Theater. AYDT


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