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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Therapeutics. All abbreviations on this page are aa means equal quantities of each ingredient, AAMCC means American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics, AAT means Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, AATH means Association of Applied Therapeutic Humor, AATH means American Association for Therapeutic Humor, AATM means Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs, ACT means Artemisinin-based combination therapies, ACTM means Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage, ACTS means Acting Creates Therapeutic Success, ADEPT means Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics, ADEPT means Airways Disease Endotyping for Personalized Therapeutics, ADI means Autism Diagnostic Interview, ADOS means Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, ADTTP means Advanced Developmental Therapeutics Training Program, AECU means Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit, AFTEC means Appalachian Foothills Therapeutic Equestrian Center, AHTH means Association of Holistic and Therapeutic Hypnosis, AIMS means Anaesthesia Incident Monitoring Study, AMNT means Asheville Massage Natural Therapeutics, AOA means Ataxia with oculomotor apraxia,

aaequal quantities of each ingredient. aa
AAMCCAmerican Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics. AAMCC
AATAdvanced Allergy Therapeutics. AAT
AATHAssociation of Applied Therapeutic Humor. AATH
AATHAmerican Association for Therapeutic Humor. AATH
AATMAlberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs. AATM
ACTArtemisinin-based combination therapies. ACT
ACTMAtlantic College of Therapeutic Massage. ACTM
ACTSActing Creates Therapeutic Success. ACTS
ADEPTAutonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics. ADEPT
ADEPTAirways Disease Endotyping for Personalized Therapeutics. ADEPT
ADIAutism Diagnostic Interview. ADI
ADOSAutism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. ADOS
ADTTPAdvanced Developmental Therapeutics Training Program. ADTTP
AECUAmbulatory Emergency Care Unit. AECU
AFTECAppalachian Foothills Therapeutic Equestrian Center. AFTEC
AHTHAssociation of Holistic and Therapeutic Hypnosis. AHTH
AIMSAnaesthesia Incident Monitoring Study. AIMS
AMNTAsheville Massage Natural Therapeutics. AMNT
AOAAtaxia with oculomotor apraxia. AOA


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