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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Therapy. All abbreviations on this page are 6MWT means Six Minute Walk Test, AABT means American Association of Behavior Therapists, AAFT means Australian Association of Family Therapy, AASDT means Advanced Accredited Sexual Diversity Therapist, AAT means Advances in Alzheimer Therapy, AAT means Animal Assisted Therapy, AAT means Activity as tolerated, AATT means Animal Assisted Therapy Team, ABBP means Acceptance Based Behavioral Therapy, ABCT means American Board of Chelation Therapy, ABFT means Attachment Based Family Therapy, ABGT means Above and Beyond Group Therapy, ABOTE means Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners, ACBT means Australian College of Beauty Therapy, ACGT means Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, ACHIPPP means Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice, ACIS means Assessment of Communication and Interaction Skills, ACIT means Achievable Community Interaction Therapy, ACMT means Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, ACMT means Alberta College of Massage Therapy,

6MWTSix Minute Walk Test. 6MWT
AABTAmerican Association of Behavior Therapists. AABT
AAFTAustralian Association of Family Therapy. AAFT
AASDTAdvanced Accredited Sexual Diversity Therapist. AASDT
AATAdvances in Alzheimer Therapy. AAT
AATAnimal Assisted Therapy. AAT
AATActivity as tolerated. AAT
AATTAnimal Assisted Therapy Team. AATT
ABBPAcceptance Based Behavioral Therapy. ABBP
ABCTAmerican Board of Chelation Therapy. ABCT
ABFTAttachment Based Family Therapy. ABFT
ABGTAbove and Beyond Group Therapy. ABGT
ABOTEArizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners. ABOTE
ACBTAustralian College of Beauty Therapy. ACBT
ACGTAlliance for Cancer Gene Therapy. ACGT
ACHIPPPAssociation of Child Psychologists in Private Practice. ACHIPPP
ACISAssessment of Communication and Interaction Skills. ACIS
ACITAchievable Community Interaction Therapy. ACIT
ACMTAdvanced Clinical Massage Therapist. ACMT
ACMTAlberta College of Massage Therapy. ACMT


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