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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Travel & Tourism. All abbreviations on this page are 2BD means 2 Bedrooms, 4KT means 4 Kew Terrace (Guesthouse in Edinburgh, UK), AAA means American Automobile Association, AABBA means Anchorage, Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association, AANT means Automobile Association Northern Territory, AATA means American Airlines Travel Academy, AATC means African American Travel Conference, AATP means Azerbaijan Austrian Tourism Programme, AATR means Approved Academic Travel Rider, AATT means Adventure Australia Treks Tours, ABET means Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism, ABTA means Associtaion of British Travel Agents, ABTA means Austrian Business Travel Association, ABTA means African Business Travel Association, ACERT means Arizona Council for Enhancing Recreation and Tourism, ACTO means Angeles City Tourism Office, ACTP means Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership, ACTV means Association of Corporate Travel Veneziano, ADCT means Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, ADPT means Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism,

2BD2 Bedrooms. 2BD
4KT4 Kew Terrace (Guesthouse in Edinburgh, UK). 4KT
AAAAmerican Automobile Association. AAA
AABBAAnchorage, Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association. AABBA
AANTAutomobile Association Northern Territory. AANT
AATAAmerican Airlines Travel Academy. AATA
AATCAfrican American Travel Conference. AATC
AATPAzerbaijan Austrian Tourism Programme. AATP
AATRApproved Academic Travel Rider. AATR
AATTAdventure Australia Treks Tours. AATT
ABETAl Badeyah Eyes Tourism. ABET
ABTAAssocitaion of British Travel Agents. ABTA
ABTAAustrian Business Travel Association. ABTA
ABTAAfrican Business Travel Association. ABTA
ACERTArizona Council for Enhancing Recreation and Tourism. ACERT
ACTOAngeles City Tourism Office. ACTO
ACTPAtlantic Canada Tourism Partnership. ACTP
ACTVAssociation of Corporate Travel Veneziano. ACTV
ADCTAssociation for Development of Cultural Tourism. ADCT
ADPTArkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. ADPT


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