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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym TV Stations. All abbreviations on this page are 4WWL means WWL-TV, TV-4, New Orleans, Louisiana, AAC means All Adult Channel, ACCUWEATHER means Accurate Weather, ADD means Arab Digital Distribution, AFRTS means Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, AIS means Airtel iTV Service, AMC means American basic Cable, APTN means Associated Press Television News, APTN means Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, APTV means Associated Press TeleVision, APTV means Alabama Public TeleVision, ASA means Advertising Standards Authority, ATV means Austria Television, ATV means American University Television, ATV means Analog television, AXN means Action Network, AXN means Action eXtreme Network, BB means Breaking Bad, BBC means British Broadcasting Corporation, BFF means Baltimore Forty-Five, WBFF-TV, DT-46 (former TV-45), Baltimore, Maryland,

4WWLWWL-TV, TV-4, New Orleans, Louisiana. 4WWL
AACAll Adult Channel. AAC
ADDArab Digital Distribution. ADD
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service. AFRTS
AISAirtel iTV Service. AIS
AMCAmerican basic Cable. AMC
APTNAssociated Press Television News. APTN
APTNAboriginal Peoples Television Network. APTN
APTVAssociated Press TeleVision. APTV
APTVAlabama Public TeleVision. APTV
ASAAdvertising Standards Authority. ASA
ATVAustria Television. ATV
ATVAmerican University Television. ATV
ATVAnalog television. ATV
AXNAction Network. AXN
AXNAction eXtreme Network. AXN
BBBreaking Bad. BB
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation. BBC
BFFBaltimore Forty-Five, WBFF-TV, DT-46 (former TV-45), Baltimore, Maryland. BFF


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