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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Twitter. All abbreviations on this page are #FF means Follow Friday, #LESM means Law Enforcement Social Media, /R/ means Requesting, 1V4 means One Vs Four, 403 means Deny Access To, 4FS means For F***'s Sake, 4KT means Foe ( Four ) K Trey, 775 means Kiss Me, :-) means Smile, = 3 means POMF (What are we gonna do on the bed?), @ means Reply to [username], A means A, A/N means Author's Note, AAP means Anarchy Arrogance Pollution, AF means After Fate, AGIG means American Girl InstaGram, AKA means also known as, ANITWITTER means Anime Twitter, APU means As Per Usual, ATT means Anime Twist Twitter,

#FFFollow Friday. #FF
#LESMLaw Enforcement Social Media. #LESM
/R/Requesting. /R/
1V4One Vs Four. 1V4
403Deny Access To. 403
4FSFor F***'s Sake. 4FS
4KTFoe ( Four ) K Trey. 4KT
775Kiss Me. 775
:-)Smile. :-)
= 3POMF (What are we gonna do on the bed?). = 3
@Reply to [username]. @
A/NAuthor's Note. A/N
AAPAnarchy Arrogance Pollution. AAP
AFAfter Fate. AF
AGIGAmerican Girl InstaGram. AGIG
AKAalso known as. AKA
APUAs Per Usual. APU
ATTAnime Twist Twitter. ATT


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