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422 Abbreviations & Definitions of Acronyms Twitter in category Internet

Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Twitter. All abbreviations on this page are #FF means Follow Friday, #LESM means Law Enforcement Social Media, /C means Copypasta, /CB means Clickbait, /DSMP means Dream Survival Multiplayer server, /F means Fake, /G means Genuine, /GEN means Genuine Question, /HJ means Half Joking, /HYP means Hyperbole, /IJ means Inside Joke, /J means Joking, /L means Lyrics, /LH means Lighthearted, /LI means Literal, /LI means Literally, /LY means Lyrics, /LYR means Lyrics, /M means Metaphorical, /M means Metaphorically,

#FFFollow Friday. #FF
#LESMLaw Enforcement Social Media. #LESM
/CCopypasta. /C
/CBClickbait. /CB
/DSMPDream Survival Multiplayer server. /DSMP
/FFake. /F
/GGenuine. /G
/GENGenuine Question. /GEN
/HJHalf Joking. /HJ
/HYPHyperbole. /HYP
/IJInside Joke. /IJ
/JJoking. /J
/LLyrics. /L
/LHLighthearted. /LH
/LILiteral. /LI
/LILiterally. /LI
/LYLyrics. /LY
/LYRLyrics. /LYR
/MMetaphorical. /M
/MMetaphorically. /M


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