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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym United Nations. All abbreviations on this page are A4NH means Agriculture for Nutrition and Health, AA means Arakan Army, AAA means Anti-Aircraft Artillery, AAF means Anti American Faction, AAS means Aquatic Agricultural Systems, ABC means A Bunch of Communists, ABCD means Another Bad China Day, ABNJ means Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, ABS means Air Breathing System, ABS means Access and Benefit Sharing, ABSIE means American Broadcasting Station In Europe, AC means Armed Constabulary, ACBC means African Capacity Building Centre, ACC means Administrative Committee on Coordination, ACHR means Asian Coalition for Housing Rights , ACO means Allied Command Operations, ACT means Artemisinin-based combination therapies, ADB means Asian Development Bank , ADO means Administrative Duty Officer, AfDB means African Development Bank,

A4NHAgriculture for Nutrition and Health. A4NH
AAArakan Army. AA
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery. AAA
AAFAnti American Faction. AAF
AASAquatic Agricultural Systems. AAS
ABCA Bunch of Communists. ABC
ABCDAnother Bad China Day. ABCD
ABNJAreas Beyond National Jurisdiction. ABNJ
ABSAir Breathing System. ABS
ABSAccess and Benefit Sharing. ABS
ABSIEAmerican Broadcasting Station In Europe. ABSIE
ACArmed Constabulary. AC
ACBCAfrican Capacity Building Centre. ACBC
ACCAdministrative Committee on Coordination. ACC
ACHRAsian Coalition for Housing Rights . ACHR
ACOAllied Command Operations. ACO
ACTArtemisinin-based combination therapies. ACT
ADBAsian Development Bank . ADB
ADOAdministrative Duty Officer. ADO
AfDBAfrican Development Bank. AfDB


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