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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Unions. All abbreviations on this page are WUT means Western Union Telegraph, WUWH means World Union of Wound Healing, WUWHS means World Union of Wound Healing Societies, WUY means World Union of Yoga, WWJC means World Worker Justice Committee, WWUB means Walla Walla Union Bulletin, WWUG means Women Worker's Unity Group, XFCU means Xceed Financial Credit Union, XFCU means Xplore Federal Credit Union, YAEU means Youth Against the European Union, YAR means Young Alumni Reunions, YCEU means Yukon College Employees Union, YCU means Your Credit Union, YEU means Yukon Employees Union, YFCU means Yogaville Federal Credit Union, YLU means Young Leaguers Union, YNCU means Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, YNU means Yorkshire Naturalist Union, YOU means Young Officers Union, YPU means Young Politicians Union,

WUTWestern Union Telegraph. WUT
WUWHWorld Union of Wound Healing. WUWH
WUWHSWorld Union of Wound Healing Societies. WUWHS
WUYWorld Union of Yoga. WUY
WWJCWorld Worker Justice Committee. WWJC
WWUBWalla Walla Union Bulletin. WWUB
WWUGWomen Worker's Unity Group. WWUG
XFCUXceed Financial Credit Union. XFCU
XFCUXplore Federal Credit Union. XFCU
YAEUYouth Against the European Union. YAEU
YARYoung Alumni Reunions. YAR
YCEUYukon College Employees Union. YCEU
YCUYour Credit Union. YCU
YEUYukon Employees Union. YEU
YFCUYogaville Federal Credit Union. YFCU
YLUYoung Leaguers Union. YLU
YNCUYour Neighbourhood Credit Union. YNCU
YNUYorkshire Naturalist Union. YNU
YOUYoung Officers Union. YOU
YPUYoung Politicians Union. YPU


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