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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Unit Measures. All abbreviations on this page are ' means foot, ' means minute, '' means inch, '' means second, -(2) means -(Squared) or measurement-(squared), -(3) means -(Cubed), or "measurement"-(cubed) or cubic measurement, / means Per, /HR means Per hour, unit rate, 26miles/hr[HR] = you would travel 26 miles every hour you traveled, /MIN means Per Minute, /MSEC means Per Millisecond, /S means Per Second, /SR means Per Steridian, /YR means Per Year, 0PPS means Zero Pixels Per Second, 12° means duodecimo (page size), 16° means sestodecimo (page size), 18L means Eighteen liter capacity, 1TB means One Tera Byte, 32W means 32watts light bulbs, 3K means Three Thousand,

'foot. '
'minute. '
''inch. ''
''second. ''
-(2)-(Squared) or measurement-(squared). -(2)
-(3)-(Cubed), or "measurement"-(cubed) or cubic measurement. -(3)
/Per. /
/HRPer hour, unit rate, 26miles/hr[HR] = you would travel 26 miles every hour you traveled. /HR
/MINPer Minute. /MIN
/MSECPer Millisecond. /MSEC
/SPer Second. /S
/SRPer Steridian. /SR
/YRPer Year. /YR
0PPSZero Pixels Per Second. 0PPS
12°duodecimo (page size). 12°
16°sestodecimo (page size). 16°
18LEighteen liter capacity. 18L
1TBOne Tera Byte. 1TB
32W32watts light bulbs. 32W
3KThree Thousand. 3K


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