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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Universities. All abbreviations on this page are 101 means Basics of; Introduction to; First class in, 3JR means Third Year Junior, 3LP means Life Long Learning Program, 800 means Non-degree students, A means Advanced, A means Art, A means The Arts, A means Aakash, A&M means Texas A&M University, A&M means Agricultural & Mining, A&T means North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, A4U means Alliance of 4 Universities, AA means Academic Affairs, AA means Ancient Arts, AA means Advanced Auditing, AAA means Arts, Academics, and Athletics, AAA means Academics, Athletics, and Arts, AAA means Atlantean Academic Archaeologist, AAA means Academic Achievement and Advising, AAAC means Academic Affairs Advisory Committee,

101Basics of; Introduction to; First class in. 101
3JRThird Year Junior. 3JR
3LPLife Long Learning Program. 3LP
800Non-degree students. 800
AAdvanced. A
AArt. A
AThe Arts. A
AAakash. A
A&MTexas A&M University. A&M
A&MAgricultural & Mining. A&M
A&TNorth Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. A&T
A4UAlliance of 4 Universities. A4U
AAAcademic Affairs. AA
AAAncient Arts. AA
AAAdvanced Auditing. AA
AAAArts, Academics, and Athletics. AAA
AAAAcademics, Athletics, and Arts. AAA
AAAAtlantean Academic Archaeologist. AAA
AAAAcademic Achievement and Advising. AAA
AAACAcademic Affairs Advisory Committee. AAAC


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