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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Unix Commands. All abbreviations on this page are xargs means extended arguments, xdm means X display manager, xdpr means X Dump PRint, xfd means X Font Display, xmkmf means X MaKe MakeFile, xrdb means X resource database, xwd means X Window Dump, xwud means X Window Un-Dump, yacc means Yet Another Compiler Compiler, YOLD means Your Own Linux Distribution, ZCVF means Zip Compress Volume File, ZIP means ZIv Packer,

xargsextended arguments. xargs
xdmX display manager. xdm
xdprX Dump PRint. xdpr
xfdX Font Display. xfd
xmkmfX MaKe MakeFile. xmkmf
xrdbX resource database. xrdb
xwdX Window Dump. xwd
xwudX Window Un-Dump. xwud
yaccYet Another Compiler Compiler. yacc
YOLDYour Own Linux Distribution. YOLD
ZCVFZip Compress Volume File. ZCVF
ZIPZIv Packer. ZIP


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