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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Unix Commands. All abbreviations on this page are ftio means Fast Tape Input/Output, fuser means File USER, g... means Gnu, GDSII means Geometrical Data base for Information Interchange, GECOS means General Electric Comprehensive Operating System, getty means GET TeleTYpe, grep means Get Regular Expression And Print, grep means Global Regular Expression Parser, grep means Generalized Regular Expression Parser, grep means Global Regular Expression and Print, grep means Globally search for the Regular Expression and Print, GVFS means Gnome Virtual File System, HDA1 means Hard disk Partitioning 1, id means IDentity, imake means Interface to MAKE, irc means Internet Relay Chat, jsh means Job-control SHell, ksh means Korn SHell, LBSE means Linux Beginner Search Engine, ld means Link editor or loader,

ftioFast Tape Input/Output. ftio
fuserFile USER. fuser
g...Gnu. g...
GDSIIGeometrical Data base for Information Interchange. GDSII
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System. GECOS
gettyGET TeleTYpe. getty
grepGet Regular Expression And Print. grep
grepGlobal Regular Expression Parser. grep
grepGeneralized Regular Expression Parser. grep
grepGlobal Regular Expression and Print. grep
grepGlobally search for the Regular Expression and Print. grep
GVFSGnome Virtual File System. GVFS
HDA1Hard disk Partitioning 1. HDA1
idIDentity. id
imakeInterface to MAKE. imake
ircInternet Relay Chat. irc
jshJob-control SHell. jsh
kshKorn SHell. ksh
LBSELinux Beginner Search Engine. LBSE
ldLink editor or loader. ld


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