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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym US Government. All abbreviations on this page are 1LT means First Lieutenant - Army, 1SG means First Sergeant - Army, 1st Lt means First Lieutenant - USAF, 1stLt means First Lieutenant - Marines, 1stSgt means First Sergeant - Marines, 2 LT means Second Lieutenant - Marines, 3Rs means Recruitment, Relocation bonuses, and Retention allowances, A means Accept, A/D means Active Duty, AA means An Agency, AA means Adjusted Allotment, AA means As Amended, AA means Adverse Action, AA means Amarillo Area Office, AA means Assistance Administration, AA means Assistant Administrator, AA means Atlantic Alliance, AA means America's Answer, AA means Armed Forces Americas, AAA means American Arbitration Association,

1LTFirst Lieutenant - Army. 1LT
1SGFirst Sergeant - Army. 1SG
1st LtFirst Lieutenant - USAF. 1st Lt
1stLtFirst Lieutenant - Marines. 1stLt
1stSgtFirst Sergeant - Marines. 1stSgt
2 LTSecond Lieutenant - Marines. 2 LT
3RsRecruitment, Relocation bonuses, and Retention allowances. 3Rs
AAccept. A
A/DActive Duty. A/D
AAAn Agency. AA
AAAdjusted Allotment. AA
AAAs Amended. AA
AAAdverse Action. AA
AAAmarillo Area Office. AA
AAAssistance Administration. AA
AAAssistant Administrator. AA
AAAtlantic Alliance. AA
AAAmerica's Answer. AA
AAArmed Forces Americas. AA
AAAAmerican Arbitration Association. AAA


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