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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Veterans. All abbreviations on this page are CVMS means Cameron Veterans Middle School, DIAV means Directorate of Indian Army Veterans, DMV means Department of Military Veterans, DVA means Disabled Veterans Assistance, EDVR means El Dorado Veteran Resources, EREV means Engineering Research Experiences for Veterans, FVAC means Frisco Veterans Advisory Committee, GTAVC means Grand Traverse Area Veterans Coalition, MVP means Million Veteran Program, NVA means Nebraska Veterans Aid, NVA means No Veterans Allowed, NVCA means Nebraska Veterans Cemetery at Alliance, OGV means Old Gaming Veterans, OVMS means Office of Veteran Military Services, RAVET means Regional Administrators for Veterans Employment and Training, RE means Respect the Elders, REV means Remember Every Veteran, RVMA means Rubaga Veterans Market Association, SDV means Service Disabled Veteran, SVH means State Veterans Homes,

CVMSCameron Veterans Middle School. CVMS
DIAVDirectorate of Indian Army Veterans. DIAV
DMVDepartment of Military Veterans. DMV
DVADisabled Veterans Assistance. DVA
EDVREl Dorado Veteran Resources. EDVR
EREVEngineering Research Experiences for Veterans. EREV
FVACFrisco Veterans Advisory Committee. FVAC
GTAVCGrand Traverse Area Veterans Coalition. GTAVC
MVPMillion Veteran Program. MVP
NVANebraska Veterans Aid. NVA
NVANo Veterans Allowed. NVA
NVCANebraska Veterans Cemetery at Alliance. NVCA
OGVOld Gaming Veterans. OGV
OVMSOffice of Veteran Military Services. OVMS
RAVETRegional Administrators for Veterans Employment and Training. RAVET
RERespect the Elders. RE
REVRemember Every Veteran. REV
RVMARubaga Veterans Market Association. RVMA
SDVService Disabled Veteran. SDV
SVHState Veterans Homes. SVH


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