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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym . All abbreviations on this page are DIAV means Directorate of Indian Army Veterans, DMV means Department of Military Veterans, MVP means Million Veteran Program, NVA means Nebraska Veterans Aid, NVA means No Veterans Allowed, OGV means Old Gaming Veterans, REV means Remember Every Veteran, TVET means Teaching Veterans in Entertainment Transition, VCMC means Veterans Community Media Center, VIC means Veteran ID Card, VLG means Veteran Law Groupn, VOCE means Veterans Of the Camp Experience, VOCE means Veterans Of the Camping Experience, VRPP means Veterans Representative Payee Program, WVO means War Veterans Organization,

DIAVDirectorate of Indian Army Veterans. DIAV
DMVDepartment of Military Veterans. DMV
MVPMillion Veteran Program. MVP
NVANebraska Veterans Aid. NVA
NVANo Veterans Allowed. NVA
OGVOld Gaming Veterans. OGV
REVRemember Every Veteran. REV
TVETTeaching Veterans in Entertainment Transition. TVET
VCMCVeterans Community Media Center. VCMC
VICVeteran ID Card. VIC
VLGVeteran Law Groupn. VLG
VOCEVeterans Of the Camp Experience. VOCE
VOCEVeterans Of the Camping Experience. VOCE
VRPPVeterans Representative Payee Program. VRPP
WVOWar Veterans Organization. WVO


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