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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Veterans. All abbreviations on this page are AVCAT means Australian Veterans Children Assistant Trust, AVCAT means Australian Veterans Childrens Assistance Trust, AVCAT means Australian Veterans Children Assistance Trust, AVN means Aggie Veteran Network, BVV means Beverly Vietnam Veterans, CAVS means Center for Adult and Veteran Services, CAVS means Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers, CCVU means Chautauqua County Veterans Union, CVMS means Cameron Veterans Middle School, DCRV means Denton County Republican Veterans, DIAV means Directorate of Indian Army Veterans, DMV means Department of Military Veterans, DMVA means Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, DNVP means Duwamish Native Veterans Program, DVA means Disabled Veterans Assistance, DVA means Department of Veteran Affairs, DVAAP means Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program, DVBE means Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise, DVBE means Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, DVL means Disabled Veteran Leave,

AVCATAustralian Veterans Children Assistant Trust. AVCAT
AVCATAustralian Veterans Childrens Assistance Trust. AVCAT
AVCATAustralian Veterans Children Assistance Trust. AVCAT
AVNAggie Veteran Network. AVN
BVVBeverly Vietnam Veterans. BVV
CAVSCenter for Adult and Veteran Services. CAVS
CAVSCenter for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers. CAVS
CCVUChautauqua County Veterans Union. CCVU
CVMSCameron Veterans Middle School. CVMS
DCRVDenton County Republican Veterans. DCRV
DIAVDirectorate of Indian Army Veterans. DIAV
DMVDepartment of Military Veterans. DMV
DMVADepartment of Military and Veteran Affairs. DMVA
DNVPDuwamish Native Veterans Program. DNVP
DVADisabled Veterans Assistance. DVA
DVADepartment of Veteran Affairs. DVA
DVAAPDisabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program. DVAAP
DVBEDisabled Veterans Business Enterprise. DVBE
DVBEDisabled Veteran Business Enterprises. DVBE
DVLDisabled Veteran Leave. DVL


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