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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Websites. All abbreviations on this page are + means AddThis, + means AddToAny, .kom means Used as primary website extenstion for 99.9% of websites operating on the world wide web in 2018., /R/ means Subreddit, /U/ means Reddit User, 1HF means One Human Family, 3DML means Three Dimensional Markup Language, 3RK means 3 Random Kids, 3WW means Three Word Wednesday, 4rum means Forum, 7OB means Love, A&S means Anagrams & Scrambles, A&T means Ayo & Teo, AA means Acronym Attic, AAID means Android Advertising IDentification, AANZE means Aan Zee, AAWP means American Academy of Wedding Professionals, ABBAB means Always Be Berating And Belittling, ABCD means Asian Best Couple Dating, AC means,

+AddThis. +
+AddToAny. +
.komUsed as primary website extenstion for 99.9% of websites operating on the world wide web in 2018.. .kom
/R/Subreddit. /R/
/U/Reddit User. /U/
1HFOne Human Family. 1HF
3DMLThree Dimensional Markup Language. 3DML
3RK3 Random Kids. 3RK
3WWThree Word Wednesday. 3WW
4rumForum. 4rum
7OBLove. 7OB
A&SAnagrams & Scrambles. A&S
A&TAyo & Teo. A&T
AAAcronym Attic. AA
AAIDAndroid Advertising IDentification. AAID
AAWPAmerican Academy of Wedding Professionals. AAWP
ABBABAlways Be Berating And Belittling. ABBAB
ABCDAsian Best Couple Dating. ABCD AC


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