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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Working Groups. All abbreviations on this page are A&S means Activities & Services, AAWG means Aboriginal Affairs Working Group, AAWG means Aviation and Aerospace Working Group, AAWG means Advanced Agent Working Group, AAWG means Appraisal Alignment Working Group, AAWG means Approved Arrangements Working Group, ABWG means Alabama Bat Working Group, ABWG means Animal Biotechnology Working Group, ACWG means Agrarian Change Working Group, ACWG means Anti Corruption Working Group, ACWG means Advisory Council Working Group, AHWG means Auburn Housing Working Group, AHWG means Agami Heron Working Group, AHWG means Aviation Health Working Group, AHWG means Adolescent Health Working Group, APWG means Anti Phishing Working Group, APWG means Animal Palaeopathology Working Group, AR means Assault Rifle, ASMO means Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Organisations, ASTWG means Advanced Spaceport Technology Working Group,

A&SActivities & Services. A&S
AAWGAboriginal Affairs Working Group. AAWG
AAWGAviation and Aerospace Working Group. AAWG
AAWGAdvanced Agent Working Group. AAWG
AAWGAppraisal Alignment Working Group. AAWG
AAWGApproved Arrangements Working Group. AAWG
ABWGAlabama Bat Working Group. ABWG
ABWGAnimal Biotechnology Working Group. ABWG
ACWGAgrarian Change Working Group. ACWG
ACWGAnti Corruption Working Group. ACWG
ACWGAdvisory Council Working Group. ACWG
AHWGAuburn Housing Working Group. AHWG
AHWGAgami Heron Working Group. AHWG
AHWGAviation Health Working Group. AHWG
AHWGAdolescent Health Working Group. AHWG
APWGAnti Phishing Working Group. APWG
APWGAnimal Palaeopathology Working Group. APWG
ARAssault Rifle. AR
ASMOArtisanal and Small-scale Mining Organisations. ASMO
ASTWGAdvanced Spaceport Technology Working Group. ASTWG


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