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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Working Groups. All abbreviations on this page are WGIA means Working Group on Intelligence Apparatus, WGIC means Working Group of Industrial Complementation, WGIL means Working Group for Information Literacy, WGIP means Working Group for Interested Parties, WGIT means Work Group on Information Technology, WGIT means Working Group on Interpreting and Translation, WGIT means Working Group on Information Technology, WGJP means Working Group on Justice for Peace, WGL means Work Group Leader, WGLL means Working Group on Lessons Learned, WGLL means Working Group on Lessons Learnt, WGM means Working Group on Monitoring, WGM means Working Group Meeting, WGM means Working Group Meetings, WGM means Work Group Meeting, WGOA means Working Group On Archives, WGOS means Working Group Observatory Sites, WGOT means Work Group On Translation, WGPF means Working Group for Public Finance, WGPR means Working Group on Parasite Resistance,

WGIAWorking Group on Intelligence Apparatus. WGIA
WGICWorking Group of Industrial Complementation. WGIC
WGILWorking Group for Information Literacy. WGIL
WGIPWorking Group for Interested Parties. WGIP
WGITWork Group on Information Technology. WGIT
WGITWorking Group on Interpreting and Translation. WGIT
WGITWorking Group on Information Technology. WGIT
WGJPWorking Group on Justice for Peace. WGJP
WGLWork Group Leader. WGL
WGLLWorking Group on Lessons Learned. WGLL
WGLLWorking Group on Lessons Learnt. WGLL
WGMWorking Group on Monitoring. WGM
WGMWorking Group Meeting. WGM
WGMWorking Group Meetings. WGM
WGMWork Group Meeting. WGM
WGOAWorking Group On Archives. WGOA
WGOSWorking Group Observatory Sites. WGOS
WGOTWork Group On Translation. WGOT
WGPFWorking Group for Public Finance. WGPF
WGPRWorking Group on Parasite Resistance. WGPR


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