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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Workshops. All abbreviations on this page are AIW means Accelerated Improvement Workshop, ARW means Aesthetics Recovery Workshop, ATWAP means Annual Toronto Workshop on Ancient Philosophy, AWEE means Amsterdam Workshop on Experimental Economics, AWG means Animation Workshop Group, CSEW means Canadian Space Exploration Workshop, CSEW means Computer Science Education Workshop, DEWS means Dry Eye Workshop Study, EGW means Experimental Gameplay Workshop, EUW means End User Workshop, EWPS means European Workshop on Particulate Systems, GSW means Global Startup Workshop, GWSW means Grant Writers Seminars and Workshops, ICW means Interconnecting Code Workshop, ICW means International Compliance Workshop, ILDW means International Lighting Design Workshop, INW means Illicit Networks Workshop, IPW means Interactive Photography Workshop, ISSW means International Ship Stability Workshop, IWA means International Workshop Agreement,

AIWAccelerated Improvement Workshop. AIW
ARWAesthetics Recovery Workshop. ARW
ATWAPAnnual Toronto Workshop on Ancient Philosophy. ATWAP
AWEEAmsterdam Workshop on Experimental Economics. AWEE
AWGAnimation Workshop Group. AWG
CSEWCanadian Space Exploration Workshop. CSEW
CSEWComputer Science Education Workshop. CSEW
DEWSDry Eye Workshop Study. DEWS
EGWExperimental Gameplay Workshop. EGW
EUWEnd User Workshop. EUW
EWPSEuropean Workshop on Particulate Systems. EWPS
GSWGlobal Startup Workshop. GSW
GWSWGrant Writers Seminars and Workshops. GWSW
ICWInterconnecting Code Workshop. ICW
ICWInternational Compliance Workshop. ICW
ILDWInternational Lighting Design Workshop. ILDW
INWIllicit Networks Workshop. INW
IPWInteractive Photography Workshop. IPW
ISSWInternational Ship Stability Workshop. ISSW
IWAInternational Workshop Agreement. IWA


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