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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Yachting. All abbreviations on this page are AAMYC means Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club, ABYA means Anchor Bay Yachting Association, ABYC means American Boat and Yacht Council, ACMY means Aft Cabin Motor Yacht, ARYA means Australian Radio Yachting Association, AVY means Apartment Villa Yacht, AYC means Anacortes Yacht Charters, AYH means American Yacht Harbor, AYN means Army Yachting Node, AYS means Annapolis Yacht Sales, BBYRA means Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association (Miami, FL), BBYRA means Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association (New Jersey), BMT means Boat, Motor, and Trailer, BPY means BlueWater Power Yachts, BSYA means Black Sea Yachtsmens Association, BUI means Boating Under the Influence, BWY means Blue Water Yachting, BYC means British Yacht Club, BYC means Bayview Yacht Club, BYC means Balboa Yacht Club,

AAMYCAnn Arbor Model Yacht Club. AAMYC
ABYAAnchor Bay Yachting Association. ABYA
ABYCAmerican Boat and Yacht Council. ABYC
ACMYAft Cabin Motor Yacht. ACMY
ARYAAustralian Radio Yachting Association. ARYA
AVYApartment Villa Yacht. AVY
AYCAnacortes Yacht Charters. AYC
AYHAmerican Yacht Harbor. AYH
AYNArmy Yachting Node. AYN
AYSAnnapolis Yacht Sales. AYS
BBYRABiscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association (Miami, FL). BBYRA
BBYRABarnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association (New Jersey). BBYRA
BMTBoat, Motor, and Trailer. BMT
BPYBlueWater Power Yachts. BPY
BSYABlack Sea Yachtsmens Association. BSYA
BUIBoating Under the Influence. BUI
BWYBlue Water Yachting. BWY
BYCBritish Yacht Club. BYC
BYCBayview Yacht Club. BYC
BYCBalboa Yacht Club. BYC


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