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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Youth. All abbreviations on this page are 2TO means Two Towns, AAFU means All American Families United, AANY means Alcohol Awareness for Navajo Youth, AAY means Access for Autistic Youth, AAYA means Anson Athletic Youth Association, AAYA means All American Youth Activities, AAYF means Addis Ababa Youth Forum, ACYF means Australian Catholic Youth Festival, ACYF means Administration on Children Youth and Families, ACYF means American Canyon Youth Football, ACYF means Arctic Children and Youth Foundation, ACYF means All China Youth Federation, AFY means Adventure For Youth, AFY means Alternatives For Youth, AFY means Adult Friends for Youth, AFYI means Alabama Family Youth Initiative, AHOY means Adults Helping Our Youth, AIY means Alternatives for Independent Youth, AIY means Active Islamic Youth, AKY means Awesome, Knowledgeable, Youthful,

2TOTwo Towns. 2TO
AAFUAll American Families United. AAFU
AANYAlcohol Awareness for Navajo Youth. AANY
AAYAccess for Autistic Youth. AAY
AAYAAnson Athletic Youth Association. AAYA
AAYAAll American Youth Activities. AAYA
AAYFAddis Ababa Youth Forum. AAYF
ACYFAustralian Catholic Youth Festival. ACYF
ACYFAdministration on Children Youth and Families. ACYF
ACYFAmerican Canyon Youth Football. ACYF
ACYFArctic Children and Youth Foundation. ACYF
ACYFAll China Youth Federation. ACYF
AFYAdventure For Youth. AFY
AFYAlternatives For Youth. AFY
AFYAdult Friends for Youth. AFY
AFYIAlabama Family Youth Initiative. AFYI
AHOYAdults Helping Our Youth. AHOY
AIYAlternatives for Independent Youth. AIY
AIYActive Islamic Youth. AIY
AKYAwesome, Knowledgeable, Youthful. AKY


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